Eliminate Internet Downtime & Save Your Business Money

Keep Your Business Up, Even When The Internet Goes Down

Connect is your perfect backup Internet solution to protect businesses of all sizes. When your primary Internet connection fails, traffic is automatically routed to your backup connection and alerts are sent so you know to contact your ISP. Fail Safe offers immediate cost savings by preventing sticky failover and gets you back online seamlessly after an Internet outage. With complete, easy-to-install solutions that provide a secondary Internet connection with automatic connection failover, 4G LTE data service, hardware, and monitoring.

Increase Uptime

Protect your business with increased uptime; eliminate an average of 6.7 days (160 hours) of Internet downtime per year.

Customers Return

Provide seamless customer transactions; 78% of lost transactions are due to Internet outages.

Do More Business

Ensure staying power in today’s competitive marketplace; loyal customers are worth up to 10 times more after their first purchase.

Grow Revenue

Grow revenue with positive experiences; positive buying experiences can result in a ROI in just over 1 month.

Save Money With
Seamless Uptime

Connect partners with industry-leading 4G
providers to ensure that businesses stay online 24/7

Key Features

Includes High-Speed 4G LTE Data Service

Connect appliances are pre-configured with a SIM Card and require no user configuration for data service.

Automatic Connection Failover

Switches your internet connection automatically when your primary connection fails to prevent sticky failover that can cost your business data.

Secure, PCI Compliant Architecture

Our technology effortlessly integrates with today’s systems, keeping you secure along with your customer’s data. With our pre-configured hardware, installation is simple and cost savings are huge compared to other secondary connection options.

Data Plans

Locations can have different needs, but our plans helps keep costs down while delivering huge potential savings.

Hardware Equipment

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