Secure & Simple Global IoT Connectivity


Your IoT Connectivity, Future Proofed

With new cellular technologies and ever-changing network regulations, it’s a challenge to stay on top. The IOTEK IoT eSIM provides an up-to-date, customizable technical foundation that evolves alongside your use case. Opt for simplicity and straightforward regulatory compliance with the IOTEK IoT eSIM.

Commercial Grade

Affordable option for mass production and available in all form factors.

Global Connection

Our carrier-agnostic IoT SIMs have access to multiple networks wherever you deploy.


Secure end-to-end connectivity solution with VPNs.

Management Platform

Manage & monitor your SIM cards connectivity in a sample way.


+500 networks available in 200 countries and territories.

Multi-Carrier Sim Card

Our multi-carrier SIM cards connect your devices to over 540 networks across 180+. countries. Get redundant coverage in most countries and intelligent network selection to optimize your IoT connectivity.

Global Coverage On Demand

Automatic Network Selection

No Network Steering

Transparent Pricing

Intuitive Monitoring Platform

Manage your sim cards and track network activity, critical events, geographic distribution and more. Generate business reports on connectivity and integrate data seamlessly with other services.

Worldwide Remote Access

Track Your Endpoints

Monitor Live Traffic Data

Individual Integrations

Advanced Network Security

Benefit from crucial IoT security features like network-based firewalls, SMS firewalls, IMEI locks, VPNs, connectivity profiles, IPSec, and more. Defend your customers from cyber attacks, prevent data breaches, and protect your devices from being misused.

Send Data to Authorized Domains

Automatic Network Selection

Restrict Communication With Devices

Close IoT Security Gaps

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